Enjoy Silandro e Lasa
Recreation, gourmet experiences and culture in the historical center of Silandro, the Venosta Valley capital

The Silandro and Lasa Holiday Area in the Venosta Valley

Art, culture and gourmet experiences in the heart the culture region

Pedestrian Zone
Today the pedestrian zone is the heartbeat of Silandro/Schlanders with a promenade for locals and visitors.

Silandro and Lasa

White marble from Lasa/Laas and Covelano/Göflan, apricots and apples from the Silandro/Schlanders area are well-known and much sought-after. Here the steppe-like landscape of the Monte Sole mountain has strongly influenced the character of the people here. Discover the charm of the area on saunter around the main village of the valley, Silandro and Lasa.

The Stelvio National Park to the south beckons with challenging mountain and climbing tours amid rugged natural landscapes, while relaxing walks beside the irrigation channels flowing across the slopes of the sun-drenched Monte Sole mountain on the valley’s northern side are a delight for nature lovers.

The varied landscape of the Silandro and Lasa holiday area is best explored on foot or by bicycle. The wide valley with its vineyards and apple orchards invites visitors to cycle trips along historic routes, the mountains are made for mountain bike trips to the Alpine pastures and mountain huts. 

The Silandro and Lasa holiday area offers accommodation of the most diverse type, but always of the highest quality: from nature holidays on farms, relaxed camping holidays, apartments or half-board up to high end wellness hotels.
Venosta Valley and its Holiday Villages
Silandro and Lasa
Silandro/Schlanders, the beating heart of the Venosta Valley, invites visitors to stroll, shop, eat and enjoy. Lasa/Laas, the picturesque “marble village”, stands out for its interesting architecture, quarries of pure marble, and fruit orchards.
Silandro and Lasa
Resia Pass
Resia Pass
The Resia Pass holiday area is a paradise for nature lovers and active vacationers. The tower emerging from the waters of the Resia Lake is the crowning jewel of the triple border area, which is also home to the San Valentino Lake.
Resia Pass
Upper Venosta Valley
Upper Venosta Valley
The medieval town of Glorenza/Glurns at the foot of the mystic Tartscher Bühel hill, the Romanesque towers of Malles/Mals, the Churburg Castle in Sluderno/Schluderns, and the Marienberg Abbey above Burgusio/Burgeis are some of the main cultural attractions of the Upper Venosta Valleyarea. The Watles hiking and skiing area with its family-friendly lake provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely outdoor experience.
Upper Venosta Valley
Prato allo Stelvio
Prato allo Stelvio
The village of Prato allo Stelvio/Prad am Stilfserjoch is located within the Stelvio National Park. A popular camping site for families, it is also the starting point for a variety of hiking routes, MTB trails, and high Alpine ski tours.
Prato allo Stelvio
Ortler Stelvio National Park
Ortler Stelvio National Park
The resorts around the Ortler glacier are set in in the stunning landscape of the Stelvio National Park. The sports and hiking area of Solda/Sulden, at 1,900 m, and the Stelvio Pass, one of the highest pass roads in the Alps, are internationally renowned.
Ortler Stelvio National Park
Laces-Val Martello
Laces-Val Martello
Set in the heart of the Venosta Valley, the area of Laces/Latsch enjoys the same mild climate as the Etschtal Valley – an added benefit for mountaineers and cyclists looking to explore the high Alpine routes of the Stelvio National Park or challenging single trails.
Laces-Val Martello
As well as a wide range of natural, artistic, and historical attractions, the holiday region of Castelbello/Kastelbell-Ciardes/Tschars offers visitors the opportunity to sample many culinary specialties of the regional cuisine.
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