Venosta Valley was once the Granary of Tyrol, and grain a major export crop. Daily life was dominated by an agicultural lifestyle and is still a relevant industry today. Livestock and alpine pasture farming have been upheld to this day in Venosta Valley, while fruit growing and viniculture have been expanded.

The microclimate in Venosta Valley with its sunny days and windy nights, contributes to first-class farm products. The most coveted products include not only traditional fruit varieties such as Venosta Valley apricot or Venosta Valley apple but also Palabirne (pear), berries, grapes and chestnuts, asparagus and sauerkraut, jams, juices and vinegars. Also in high demand are alpine cheeses and Venosta Valley bread, since local grains such as wheat, buckwheat, spelt and rye are again being harvested in the former Granary of Tyrol.