In Venosta Valley, wine has been grown for over 800 years. Around Silandro and Lasa, particularly the small town of Vezzano/Vetzan, is known as a wine village. Vezzano, sun-drenched and located on a beautiful hillside, is the first wine-growing village of Venosta Valley, and was already cultivated in 1170 by the Monte Maria monastery. The variations in temperature, soil and altitude make possible the cultivation of various wines, from Riesling to Pinot Blanc, from Veltliner to the two indigenous varieties Gewürztraminer and Fraueler. Among the red wines, Pinot Noir and Schiava dominate.

In contrast to other regions, Venosta Valley wine growing is characterized by the small wine cellars of individual vineyards. Castelbello/Kastelbell, Laces/Latsch, and Silandro are recognized as DOC regions; their vineyards are about 35 ha in size. Moreover, often varietal grappa and fruit brandies are produced in local distilleries in which the delicate aroma of the local grapes and fruits is mirrored.