Embedded between high mountain ranges and largely shielded from precipitation, the Venosta Valley Monte Sole mountain, which runs from Parcines/Partschins to Malles/Mals, is an unmatched landscape. Plants in this steppe-like belt have to make due with a mere 500mm of rainfall on the sundrenched slopes of the Monte Sole Mountain. The animal kingdom and vegetation is also adapted to the shimmering heat – the steppe-like flora with its downy oak and dwarf shrubs, is the habitat of an unprecedented fauna in the Alps.
The local vegetation and fauna also have to adapt to the heat, including downy oak and dwarf shrubs. The steppe-like flora is habitat to a fauna that has no equivalent anywhere in the Alps. The distinctive landscapes look particularly impressive in the area around the village of Lasa/Laas.

Excellent hiking opportunities along the irrigation channels or to dazzling heights are offered here. Because of to the special microclimate on the Monte Sole, it is usually free of snow in winter, thus enabling year-round walks through a stark, sunny, picturesque landscape.