Silandro/Schlanders, with its 6,000 inhabitants, is the capital of the rurally-oriented Venosta Valley. The political and economic center of the valley is dominated by agriculture, industry, trade, commerce and tourism. Also the most important institutions, the hospital especially, are located in Silandro.

In order to enhance the quality of life in the busy village, the central street was turned into a pedestrian zone in front of the main square in 1996. Today the pedestrian zone is the heartbeat of the village with a promenade for locals and visitors. Here shops and boutiques, taverns and cafes are located that invite you to shop and stroll. The restaurants along the pedestrian zone offer the regional cuisine of South Tyrol, but also Italian and international dishes.

The center of Silandro is especially popular on Thursdays, as young and old meet at the weekly and farmer's markets on the Stainerparkplatz square and in Plawenn Park, only a few steps from the main square. Visitors will find everything their heart desires here from fruit and cheese, to flowers and vegetables, to clothing and footwear.