Orchards and vineyards dominate the Venosta valley basin, because the sunny yet windy and dry climate of the valley offers ideal conditions for fruit and vegetable farming. Here the highest-situated growing areas of the country are located, some at over 1000 m above sea level. Much-heralded is the wine around Vezzano/Vetzan near Silandro/Schlanders where small winegrowers produce great wines, including rare local varieties such as Fraueler and Vetzaner.

Apart from apples and wine, other regional products are also very valued, including old pear varieties such as the Palabirne and the Venosta Valley apricot. These apricots flourish nowhere better than in the loose, dry soil between Malles/Mals, Lasa/Laas and Silandro. A very special experience for visitors is the apricot and apple blossom, when blossoming fruit trees transform the valley into a sea of blooms.

The quality of the Venosta berries is also greatly appreciated. Especially the late-ripening strawberries in high-lying Val Martello satisfy with their aroma and flavor. The cultivation areas, planted at various altitudes, allows for high-quality berries to thrive even when the season has long passed elsewhere.