South Tyrol's foremost processed meat delicacy originated back in the days when local farmers had to smoke pork legs to prolong the shelf life of the meat. Even though conserving the meat in this way is no longer necessary, the old production method remains in use. For this is what gives the uncooked South Tyrolean bacon its distinctive, smoky flavour.

The "Südtiroler Speck g.g.A." certification standard sets strict criteria for the production of what can be labelled as Authentic South Tyrolean Speck. Pork legs from local breeds are seasoned with herbs, cured, then lightly smoked and air-dried in alternating stages. Each producer has his own proprietary spice mixture, passed on from generation to generation that remains a closely guarded secret.

South Tyrolean Speck is produced in the Venosta Valley as well as in the Silandro/Schlanders and Lasa/Laas holiday region. Speck ham tastes best thinly sliced, paired with bread and a glass of good Vernatsch wine.