Efficiency and durability of food has always been of major importance for the inhabitants of the Alps, and to have sufficient provisions for the winter was vital. Therefore, the abbeys created durable types of bread such as the Vinschger Paarl or the crispy Schüttelbrot.

The "Ur-Paarl" is the oldest type of bread from Venosta Valley. This loaf, which is made of sourdough, cumin, bread clover and fennel, was first invented in the Benedictine abbey of Marienberg near Burgusio/Burgeis in the 13th century. 70% of the bread consists of rye flour, also using wheat and spelt flour.

The Paarl is an excellent snack together with spicy pasture cheese from Venosta Valley and Speck (smoked ham), accompanied by a glass of red wine or home-made elderberry juice. ´