Bacon, kaminwurzen (traditional small sausages), Venosta Paarl bread and schüttelbrot (crispy bread), pickles, alpine cheese and a glass of red wine: these are the makings of a South Tyrolean “marende”, or afternoon snack, at a traditional mountain inn. An essential component of any Tyrolean snack is bacon, because no other product is so closely associated with South Tyrol as seasoned, flavourful South Tyrolean bacon. Quality meat, spices like juniper and smoke from the finest wood give it its unique aroma. Traditional South Tyrolean bacon with the quality seal “Südtiroler Speck g.g.A.” is cured, smoked, and then aged for at least 22 weeks. The wind and air quality in the Venosta Valley make for a well-balanced ageing process. Along with classic South Tyrolean bacon, delicate rarities like original South Tyrolean “Bauernspeck” and gourmet bacon are also made in the Venosta Valley. Venosta Valley bacon is not only sold by the local butcher, but also in many farm shops. Lovers of regional specialities should also give traditional sausages and venison sausages a try.