As one of the most diverse hiking regions to be found anywhere in the Alps, there is much to discover during a summer holiday in the Venosta Valley. Besides its numerous types of outdoor leisure and recreation, the Venosta Valley is also cultural haven. With its sprawling natural parks and majestic mountains (including the 3,900m Ortler-Cevedale mountain range, the Ötztal Alps and the Sesvenna massif), the sunny Venosta Valley is an ideal mountain summer holiday destination.

In summertime as in winter, the Venosta Valley remains one of the most popular tourist destinations. With its many Alpine hiking and mountaineering routes it is an authentic outdoor paradise for visitors. Its network of hiking routes takes in various huts and mountain shelters presenting visitors with numerous opportunities for new and rewarding gastronomic experiences. There are spectacular views to enjoy from the Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail as its winds its way over the varied landscape. Along the ancient irrigation channels, the "Waalwege" trails are also popular with hikers and families alike.