This multi-day hike at high altitude is through the tree line in the Stelvio National Park. Twisting its way around the imposing Lasa/Laas mountains, the breath-taking Marble Circuit Trail has a total length of 80 km. Part of the formidable Ortler Alps, this spectacular mountain range is internationally renowned for its unusual pure-white Lasa marble. With stops along the way the circuit trail can be hiked in one go or split into six single-day stages.

Lining the Marble Circuit Trail are several panels delineating the rich natural diversity found along the trail. Each of these 30 info panels is centred on a specific theme. A further 10 orientation placards offering descriptions of the start and end of the trail are positioned at strategic points along the trail.

Key information at a glance:
Total length
: 80 km
Duration: 6x one-day stages
Ascent elevation: 4,857 m
Descent elevation: 4,881 m
Highest point: 3.123 m
Difficulty level: fit and sure-footed hikers (even those without high mountain experience).
Best period: June – September

The following logo marks the entire length of the Marble Circuit Trail.    logo-marmorrundweg