Marble Circuit Trail, Stage 2: From the Stallwies inn to the Haslhof farm

General description
From the Stallwies inn to the Haslhof farm: 

Difference in height: 468 m
Descent: 855 m
Length: 13 km
Duration: 5 h
Route description

The second stage along the Marble Circuit Trail leads from Stallwies inn to the Haslhof farm. After Stallwies inn, the trail leads past an old mill following Pramestrale/Premstl to the Steinwandhof farm. This offers an ideal opportunity for a rest-stop where visitors can refresh and regroup before continuing their hike. Crossing the stunning landscape of the Morterer Leger, one feels a sense of peace and tranquillity when confronted by such breath-taking views of the majestic mountains and side valleys. On the Schlanders/Silandro side of the Sonnenberg mountain, the trail leads to the farmsteads Haslhof, Mairing-Gurschler and Mairinghof-Paris. All of them provide overnight accommodation.

Duration 5:00 h
Length 12.604 km
Difficulty difficult
Difference in height uphill 468 hm
Difference in height downhill 855 hm
Difference in height 2035 m
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