Castelbello/Kastelbell, which is located at the food of the castle of the same name, is known as the village of good taste and Slow Food among the Venosta Valley communities. The top-quality restaurants and prize-winning inns offer culinary highlights, excellent wines and specialities straight from the farm such as local cherries, apricots and asparagus.

The asparagus-village of Castelbello enjoys a great reputation. Here, on a growing area of 3 hectares, the asparagus mature a little later than in the lowlands, from mid-April until the beginning of June. For this reason they grow smaller, more consistently and most importantly, reach the local shops freshly harvested.

The quality of the asparagus depends on its freshness, and therefore it is delivered to private customers, restaurants and shops the same day it gets harvested, and the period from April until June is known as the "Asparagus Weeks".