The extremely pure marble from Lasa/Laas is known all over the world. It is mostly used for building churches and in sculpture, but it was also used to build the new subway station Ground Zero in New York City. The precious metamorphic limestone is quarried from the northeast rock face of the Ortler mountain group. At the foot of the mountain, near the marble-working village of Lasa, the white blocks pile up to tower above the area.

The systematic acquisition of "the white gold" from Lasa and the nearby quarry in Covelano/Göflan dates back a long time. The Lasa marble cable car is used to transport the blocks themselves. The fascinating "Materialschrägbahn" – a kind of steep-mountain material railway – is today seen as an industrial monument and is still in use. There are also guided tours available through the marble quarry and along the transport system.

The ”Marmor und Marillen“ Festival
Since 1982, the marble village of Lasa in the Venosta Valley is also home to a school for stone sculpting, where future professionals and sculptors learn the technique of stone processing and sculpture, in particular working with Lasa marble. Thus, the village of Lasa is not only a center of marble production, but also a place where the popular Lasa marble is increasingly used in the creation of art works. Every year, artists and sculptors from many places meet here to celebrate the "Marble and Apricot" festivities.