Marble Circuit Trail, Stage 3: From the Haslhof farm to the Obere Laaser Alm mountain pasture

General description
From the Haslhof farm to the Obere Laaser Alm mountain pasture: 

Difference in height: 914 m
Descent: 406 m
Length: 14 km
Duration: 6.5 h
Route description

The third stage of the Marble Circuit Trail continues from Haslhof farm to the Göflaner Alm mountain pasture and beyond to the Obere Laaser Alm mountain pasture. Experience stations along this stretch enable visitors to come closer to the special Laas/Lasa marble, and in a novel fashion: a marble bench, a solid marble block, and a lookout point on the summit with a clear view of the Göflan/Covelano marble quarry revealing its pure white rock. The trail then leads to the Göflaner Alm mountain pasture, providing a welcome rest stop on this section. After passing the unmanned Untere Laaser Alpine mountain pasture, start the ascent to the manned Obere Laaser Alm mountain pasture at 2,047 m. Since there are no overnight facilities, it is possible to book a shuttle service (for a fee) departing from the Kahlboden parking lot to reach the nearby villages where bed and breakfast accommodation is available.

Shuttle Service Mobilcar, M +39 338 50 75 462
Stegges Taxi, M +39 355 54 40 620

Duration 6:30 h
Length 14.485 km
Difficulty difficult
Difference in height uphill 914 hm
Difference in height downhill 406 hm
Difference in height 1997 m
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