The large, yellow-orange Venosta Valley apricot is a tasty, sweet mountain apricot that finds its ideal growing area in Venosta Valley. Particularly in the area surrounding Lasa and Silandro many farms in protected high-altitude areas have again in recent decades recommitted to growing apricots, an old Venosta Valley tradition. Temperature fluctuation and minimal rainfall appeals to the traditional fruit which thrives at 500 to 1000 meters above sea level. This way, the Venosta Valley apricot reaches an optimum size, its characteristic rich, sweet flavor with a slight acidity and its typical color, while the fruit itself is soft and juicy.

Real Venosta Valley apricots do ripen slowly but should be consumed soon after harvesting, as they are not ideal for long storage, but best eaten freshly harvested. For a long time, the people of the Venosta Valley have been making an exquisite marmalade out of the apricots in order to prolong the enjoyment of this fruit.