Kortscher Keschtn, the chestnuts from Corzes/Kortsch, have upheld their great reputation in Venosta Valley up to today. The chestnut tree is one of the most fascinating and characteristic elements of the lower Venosta Valley cultural landscape. The noble fruit in their spiky shell, that grows in the historic groves around St. Ägidius, is in high demand during the Törggele season in autumn after the harvest. They are roasted in a pan under the open sky on an open fire, and in the markets delicious Krapfen and chestnut bread are offered.

South Tyroleans have a special bond with the chestnut. In the lean years of the past centuries, the noble fruit was even served as a staple food, because most everything can be made out of the chestnut and chestnut flour, i.e. bread, cakes, honey, pastry, pasta, gnocchi, polenta or coffee substitute. As a protein supplement in times of food-crisis, chestnuts ensured the survival of the population. Thus, the fruit is today paid grand tribute to after the harvest time with a great feast during Törggelen.