In Venosta Valley, public markets have had an uninterrupted tradition for centuries. Year round, weekly markets and farmers' markets are held, where mainly regional products and handicrafts are offered. The traditional weekly market (all year) and farmers‘ market (April to October) in Silandro/Schlanders takes place every Thursday at the Stainerplatz square and the Plawenn square near the pedestrian zone.
Fruity jams, which are still made according to grandma's recipe, spicy mountain pasture cheese, fragrant mountain herbal teas, homemade bread, cured ham, smoked sausages, and also textiles and leather are for sale.

The arge-scale, traditional markets and fairs have, since the time of Claudia de Medici, taken place on recurring days of the year, and also represent social events for the entire valley. Among these are the Londsprochmorkt in Coldrano/Goldrain, on Holy Saturday the Easter market in Lasa/Laas, end April the Georgi Market in Malles/Mals, mid June the St. Johann Market in Prato/Prad, end September the Michaeli Market in Val Martello, mid October the Golli Market in Malles, end October the October market in Lasa, end November the Andreas Market in Silandro.
The Sealamorkt (All Souls market) which takes place on November 2nd in the medieval town of Glorenza/Glurns.