About five kilometers from Silandro/Schlanders lies Lasa/Laas with his quiet historic town center. The apse of the parish church from the 12th century is a particular highlight of the village tour. It was created out of white marble, which is quarried above the village. Lasa owes its nickname, the marble village, to the white gold and boasts a reputation far beyond its country's borders as well.

But guests can look forward not only to special cultural places, but also natural sites, because Lasa is not only known for its marble. As the cold pole at the foot of the high Ortler massif, it is also ideal for growing produce. Organic products from Lasa, like apricots, apples and sauerkraut, enjoy an excellent reputation. Amidst the idyllic natural landscape, the "Marble and Apricots" festival takes place every year.