The nature paradise around Silandro/Schlanders and Lasa/Lasa embodies the diversity of the entire cultural region of Venosta Valley in a glance.

And so, being active throughout the year is possible here. Above the picturesque strung-out valley bed, on one side the authentic, alpine landscape rises on the edge of the Stelvio National Park, making it ideal for summer hiking in unspoilt nature. On the other side of the valley, the arid Monte Sole acends, ideal for relaxing recreational hikes in spring and autumn because it is virtually free of snow all year round, and has a lot of sun exposure.

Hikers, bikers, mountaineers and climbers, but also extreme athletes feel at home in the Venosta Valley mountains. But hiking up to the mountain pastures and region’s shelter huts is probably the most popular activity, either along the level irrigation channel paths or on the Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail.