While in the valley orchards are blooming, the alpine cultural landscape in the Venosta Valley is shaped, to a large extent, by high meadows and pastures with many mountain huts serving food and drink. In total, there are still 80 active mountain pastures with a total of 37,000 ha of grazing pasture on an average altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level.

The panorama of the surrounding mountains and the natural sounds on the high pastures provide an unparalleled atmosphere of summertime rest and relaxation. Today, many of the pastures are also rest stops for hikers, with spacious sun terraces and delicious home-cooking. In the Silandro and Lasa holiday region it is especially recommended to hike up to the Lasa di Sopra Alpine pasture, the Covelano Alpine pasture, the Silandro Alpine pasture and the Corzes Alpine pasture (Bio-alp) in the Silandro Valley.