Below Sluderno/Schluderns, the young Adige River swells and gradually turns into a mighty river. At the elevation of Lasa/Laas, the water already has the optimal conditions for fly fishing, since the river is wide but yet has no hydroelectrically-induced outflow fluctuations. In addition, the fish population of the Adige River is well-stocked with a little luck the anglers return happy from their fishing trip.

The Merano Fishing Association owns the fishing rights for the entire Venosta Valley, from the outlet of S. Valentino Lake to Tell/Toell village with all inflows, and the 7 km stretching along the Passirio river in Merano/Meran. There are more than 150 km of fishing spots in the area of Venosta Valley.

Between Silandro/Schlanders and Lasa is the fishpond Brugg directly on the Venosta cycle path. Fishing is possible with a day pass.

The northernmost area around Resia Lake retains its own fishing rights. In adjacent S. Valentino Lake, one of the most beautiful natural lakes in the Alpine region, fishermen can also find a place to cast their lines free of care. For fishing in S. Valentino Lake, a fishing license type B or D as well as a fishing card for the day will be required. You can purchase the daily card directly at the boathouse at Casa dei Pescatori/Fischerhäuser, at Alpenrose Inn, or at Bakery Angerer in the village center of S. Valentino alla Muta/St. Valentin a.d.H..

The typical fish species in the home waters are veined trout, river trout, rainbow trout, brook trout and grayling. Smaller fish species can be found in the mountain lakes.

A national Italian fishing license costs 35.00 € and is valid for 10 years. The license can be bought at the Fishing Shop in Castelbello/Kastelbell, village center Castelbello: Tel +39 0473 62 44 66.