In Venosta Valley, culturally and historically significant churches and monasteries are found from the time of Charlemagne, from the Romanesque, the Gothic and the Renaissance. The history of the sacred buildings with their circular apses, frescoes and bestiaries is coined by the battles between the Engadins and the Habsburgs, but also of the conflicts between the nobility, clergy, peasants and the middle class. Nevertheless, many cultural treasures were able to survive.

A special feature of the cultural valley in western South Tyrol is the Carolingian and Romanesque churches and chapels which have been preserved up to today. Worth seeing are the churches: St. John the Baptist in Lasa/Laas with its apsis and East facade with architectural sculptures from the 12th century, as well as the Silandro/Schlanders parish church, the St. John's parish Church, the chapel of St. Michael and the St. Ägidius church above Corzes/Kortsch.