The small village of Alliz/Allitz lies at the entrance of the Gadria valley, at the northern tip of the legendary Gadria debris cone lodged at the feet of the Monte Sole mountain. This third-largest separate municipal district within the principal Lasa/Laas municipality, was consistently threatened by Gadria debris landslides during thunderstorms. The new "Lahngröb" protection works were finally erected in years 1888-1892, with simultaneous safety-reforestation of the 16 ha of surrounding Allitz woodlands.

The particularly captivating village landmarks are the St. Mary of the Visitation Church dating back to year 1640 and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity in the Untertröghof farming estate, erected by a Lasa sacristan in year 1752, in thanksgiving for having found his lost son, safe and unscathed, in that very same venue.