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To the waterfall of Schlanders

Path no. 3

General description

Small but idyllic waterfall above the Schlanders sports and leisure center.

Route description

Start at the main wquare in Schlanders pedestrian area and go eastwards passing by the Chruch of the Sacred Spirit and the sports center. At the park with Knepp basin, follow the path along the Schlandraun river with view of the so-calles disk-flinging hill. Path no. 3 takes you to the waterfall, a small idyllic oasis at Venosta Valley's dry Monte Sole mountain.

description to arrive at destination

From Reschen or Meran to Schlanders.


The following paid parking places are available:

Parking place no. 2 Kapuzinerkirche (0,50 €/hour)

Parking place no. 3 Stainerplatz (0,50 €/hour)

Parking place no. 5 Dammlplatz (0,50 €/hour)

Parking place no. 8 Kulturhaus (0,50 €/hour)

Parking place no. 10 Andreas-Hofer (0,50 €/hour)

Parking place no. 12 Sportzone (3 hours free, 1 € all day)


Public transport

By the Venosta train to Schlanders and then by the Citybus to the stop "Rathaus" or on foot.
For more information on the timetables, see

Duration 0:33 h
Length 1.576 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 127 hm
Difference in height downhill 5 hm
Difference in height 833 m
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