Circular path Malga di Tarres-Variante A

General description

Exciting family hike at Laces‘ Monte Tramontana. After the chairlift ride you can discover the Malga di Tarres family circular route characterized by meadows, forests, rustic trees and mystic mythical characters.

You can choose from three different variants to discover the Malga di Tarres circular route. Variant A (easy) starts at the mountain station of the chairlift and leads through the forest and over wooden footbridges until above the Malga di Tarres mountain hut where you can sit on a Hollywood swing and enjoy the view of the valley.
From Laces, dive to Tarres, trough the village to the large car park at the valley station of the chairlift.
Public transport
By train to Laces and from Laces by bus to the valley station of the Tarres alp chairlift.
Duration 0:24 h
Length 1.391 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 53 hm
Difference in height downhill 53 hm
Difference in height 1971 m
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