The area of Laces-Val Martello is characterized by a high mountain climate more suited to crops other than the fruit farming practiced down in the valley. Besides strawberries, the Val Martello farmers have, in recent years, expanded their range of crops and products to include organic Alpine cheeses, Tyrolean speck (a kind of local bacon) as well Alpine herbal teas and berries: their current export highlight.

Berries from Val Martello
Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants, blueberries (known collectively in South Tyrol as black berries) are all of excellent quality. Thanks to the high altitude, these fruits ripen gradually, thus maintaining their full flavour. The late ripening berries are famous both for their aromas and delicious fragrances. Added to this is the fact that various types of berries grow at different altitudes, allowing production at times of the year even when elsewhere the season is already over.

An annual festival is held in Val Martello over the last weekend in June in celebration of the strawberry.

More information about the strawberry cultivation.