The local delicacies and high-quality ingredients render the Venosta Valley a prime destination for lovers of good food. The regional farm products, such as the mountain apricots and berries, the Pala-pears (an centuries-old pear varietal), apples and quinces, honeys and mountain herbs, as well as a range of vegetables, potatoes, cereals and asparagus are all known far and wide. The wide range of local products, also provide the ingredients to numerous healthy and delicious regional dishes.

All these products may be purchased directly at the farms, but they are also for sale in the local shops and farmers markets in the region. Guided visits to the farms, including sampling the farm-fresh dairy products, tastings of wines and fine spirits are all popular tourist itineraries.

There is a wide selection of crops and produce to be found in Val Martello, such as mountain herbs and Alpine hay used in preparing smoked delicacies. Mountain berries such as strawberries; raspberries, blackberries and red currants are all grown in Val Martello.