The quiet and pristine mountains of Val Martello attract both nature lovers and guests in search of peace and tranquillity. Amateur hikers leave their tracks here, making their way up through the crackling snow to the Lyfi mountain refuge at an altitude of 2,165 m. Up here, they can try the sumptuous gastronomic specialities of the region while marvelling at the majestic Ortler mountain set in the grandiose Alpine landscape.

Skiers take off from the nearby skiing areas in the Schnalstal Valley and Solda/Sulden Glacier, while ice-skaters pirouette their way across the IceForum skating rink in Laces. Snowshoe hikers and ski touring excursionists ascend to the higher altitudes, while cross-country skiers and biathlon participants have a winter paradise of their own to explore at the rear side of Val Martello. With their numerous bends, the "Höderle" and "Gumpfreipiste" sled runs provide great enjoyment for the whole family.