The sport village of Laces is a popular destination for running and training, appreciated by locals as well as international athletes. With the SportForum, the IceForum and the AquaForum, as well as the numerous outdoor training routes, Laces and Val Martello offer ideal conditions for running and thus has develop to the top running region.

From the beginning of March to the end of November, diverse outdoor training opportunities present themselves, the running track and artificial lawn area of the SportForum can be used all year round and the IceForum can also be used in the summer when the weather is bad.

Laces is also popular for its varied running routes: long, flat running routes as well as paths in more steep terrain can be found there. The village offers also ideal conditions for the high altitude training. After an active day on the running trail, the AquaForum offers an ideal balance to relax and regenerate after the training.