The apple orchards of South Tyrol surround the lively centre of Laces. Here, in the heart of Val Venosta at an altitude of 639 m, is where the mild Mediterranean-Alpine Adige Valley meets the dry and sunny climate of Monte Sole. Gradually, Laces became a major fruit-production centre, as well as a centre for tourism and the retail trade.
In Laces, there are also a wide range of recreational activities and cultural itineraries. Beside the numerous churches and old farms, there are relics of prehistoric times. There is a wealth of information available for those interested in culture such as guided tours to historical castles and old churches.

Besides culture, there is also a broad spectrum of recreational and sporting activities, such as the Aqua Forum in Laces. Both experienced and amateur cyclists and hikers will find an intricate network of well-marked trails with several rest stops around Laces.