Numerous old castles and fortresses testify to the diverse cultural history of the Val Venosta region. Many fortresses were saved from destruction through their utilisation and restoration; others such as ruins and architectural leftovers from the past now serve as cultural artefacts or as prized excursion destinations.

Laces-Val Martello and environs is one of the few areas in South Tyrol with old constructions dating back to the renaissance era. In a region where there was once significant mining activity, impressive architectural structures dating back to that era still remain, such as the Castle of Silandro or the Castle in Coldrano, which is a Cultural Centre. The Laces Castle, built during the thirteenth century, was the only castle built on the water in Val Venosta. Also dating from the same period, are the Annaberg Castle, the ruin below Montani and the Castle above Montani, where an original manuscript from 1323 of the Nibelung Song was discovered.