Laces/Latsch and the steep Val Martello are regarded as a biking haven in Venosta Valley, with trails leading from the vineyards to the Laces Glacier and back. What’s more, there is a magnificent view of the valley.

The signposted trails on the Monte Sole mountain are accessible from March and the cycle tracks with directions showing the way to Monte Tramontana mountain, are open from May. Apart from little under 170 km of MTB cycling trails, there are also relaxing cycling excursions in the valleys around Laces and Martello for cyclists to explore. There is a fully stocked cycle-rental service, professional Bikehotels, MTB schools ( as well as the Bikeshuttles to back them up.

The area around the Tarres mountain pasture has in the past been the site of numerous South Tyrol Cup competitions and is also known to followers of the Transalp Race.