The fruit orchards and vineyards permeate the fertile ground in the Venosta Valley, enclosed between Monte Tramontana and Monte Sole mountain. The cool evening breeze blowing through the valley alternates with the dry, sunny conditions by day, creating an ideal climate for the vineyards and orchards typical of the Laces/Latsch district. Besides the well-known apples, there are also rare pear varieties, cherries, plums as well as the highly sought-after Venosta Valley apricots. The crops grown here are at the highest altitudes in the region and in Val Martello there are fields of Alpine berries.

This special microclimate with plenty of sun and low rainfall combines with the cool, nocturnal draft blowing through the valley, slowing aging and giving the fruit and berries in Martello their unmistakable flavour. Thanks to their late ripening, the strawberries cultivated at different altitudes have an intense fragrance.