The "Waalwege", typical trails in Val Venosta and South Tyrol, these days attract families, groups and individual hikers alike. These centuries-old pathways were created at the same time as the "Waale", the irrigation canals that brought water to the fields in this dry Alpine valley.

Situated on a gentle incline, the "Waale" bring water down from the glaciers straight into the valley. Even in their upper reaches, the trails running alongside the canals along the slopes are inclined at a slight gradient, permitting hikers to explore the valley together with all its cultural offerings. The paths running along the irrigation ditches are accessible throughout the year, providing visitors with splendid views of the imposing mountain ranges rising above the valley.

Around Laces and Val Martello, in Val Venosta, lie some of the most beautiful and natural "Waalwege" in the region, such as the Laces irrigation channel trail running from Colsano to Laces. There are also the Raminiwaal and the Rautwaal trails, as well as the Martello Holzrinnenwaal, a canal bearing water throughout the year and the Jochwaal di Tarres.