The mountain shelters and dairies have been a feature of the Venosta Valley Alpine landscape for centuries. Yet it was not until relatively recent times that the marshes down in the valleys were reclaimed, after which these areas could be utilised. Prior to that, travellers preferred to stay in the inns and mountain huts on the mountain pastures, as well as in other forms of accommodation. Even today, the huts are integral to the preservation of the historical, cultural landscape of the Venosta Valley.

The working mountain shelters in the Tarres/Tarsch and Laces/Latsch hiking paradise, in Val Martello and the traditional inns on the old farms on the Monte Sole mountain in Laces, are all testament to a communal commitment and excellent teamwork, mainly in the fields of hospitality and animal husbandry. Nowadays, both summer and winter pastures are appreciated stopovers for hikers, cyclists and winter sportspersons.