There are numerous churches in the Laces-Val Martello holiday area that recall the golden age of mining and marble quarrying, as testified by the main portal of the Hl. Petrus and Paulus parish church, clad in white marble, and the Gothic portal of the Spitalskirche hospital church.

In 1992, a marble menhir dating back to 5,000 years ago was discovered during restoration work being performed on the Unsere Liebe Frau auf dem Bichl church. From 2017 onward, this statue menhir of Laces can be admired in the Nikolauskirche church. The St. Stephan chapel in Morter is of particular interest. Inside the chapel there are fifteenth century frescoes of the Lombard, Dutch and Bavarian schools.

The Swiss-sponsored "Stairways to Heaven" Project follows the trail of sacred architecture of the romanesque period. Fortresses, monasteries and ancient manor houses (the so-called residences), dating back to the gothic and renaissance, may be visited and admired. These include Schlandersburg Castle, Goldrain Castle and Latsch Castle, the only medieval castle in Val Venosta surrounded by a moat. An original manuscript of the 1323 “Song of the Nibelungs” was discovered in the Obermontani Castle.