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Castles and Palaces in the Silandro-Lasa Holiday Region

On the Medieval Trail in the Center of the Cultural Region Venosta Valley

Around 40 castles and palaces bear witness to the eventful history of the cultural region Venosta Valley. Some of them are in ruins and vestiges of buildings remain, yet others, such as the Schlandersburg Castle, have been preserved from decay by ongoing use and restoration.

In Silandro and Lasa, there are impressive monuments of bygone eras. The Schlandersberg Castle, ancestral home of the Lords of Schlandersberg, has been dominating the Venosta Valley capital since the 13th century. The similar-sounding Schalndersburg Castle however, is a magnificent Renaissance building with two-storey loggia courtyard, crenellated gables and an oriel tower.

In the marble village of Lasa, there are especially old farmsteads, studios and manor houses with medieval foundations, such as the Eyrsburg Castle, also Moosburg, from the year 1497 – a homestead with a square tower, swallowtail battlements and a high arched entrance in Oris/Eyrs. The Tschenglsburg Castle in Cengles/Tschengls near Lasa is also impressive.
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    Schlandersberg Castle

    Schlandersberg Castle is built on the bare rock-face above the town of Silandro/Schlanders and has remained in its present form since the 16th Century. Schlandersberg Castle was originally the residence of the Schlandersbergs, one of the most ...
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    Schlandersburg Castle

    Schlandersburg Castle was built around 1600 as the residence of the Hendl aristocrats. The castle was later enlarged thus becoming one of the most important Renaissance edifices in the entire Venosta Valley. In 1988, the castle was placed under the ...
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    Eyrsburg Castle

    Eyrsburg Castle lies at the entrance of the town of Oris/Eyrs. The castle, which formed part of the Vicarage of Corzes/Kortsch, was ceded as part of a feudal exchange by the Diocese of Frisinga to the Bavarian Counts of Moosburg. Today, all that ...
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    Tschenglsburg Castle

    Tschenglsburg Castle, also known as Fuchsburg, remains a unitary building complex despite its different construction periods. At its entrance, there is the great entrance portal dating from the year 1000, with a keystone in the white marble arch ...
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Churches, Monasteries and Chapels in the Center of the cultural region Venosta Valley
Traces of the Middle Ages in Venosta Valley. There are 40 castles located in the Venosta Valley cultural region, a reminder of its turbulent history.
Efficiency and durability of food has always been of major importance for the inhabitants of the Alps, and to have sufficient provisions for the winter was vital.
Traditional farmer's markets have been held weekly without interruption for many centuries in Venosta Valley. Today, they offer high-quality regional products and crafts.
Welcome in Silandro-Lasa
Hike along ancient irrigation channels at the Monte Sole, in the Stilfser Joch National Park or ride your bike along the Roman trade route Via Claudia Augusta. Relax in small villages and peaceful valleys with amiable hosts. Discover numerous cultural sites and the unique culinary delights of Venosta Valley.
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