Path along the water channel at Morter

General description

A scenic and beautiful running route in Morter which leaves nothing to be desired. Flat passages changes with moderate increases, to sensational sleep tracks along the "Neuwaal" and the "Rautwaal".


Route description

Start is at the restaurant "Bierkeller" at Laces, the length of the round is seven kilometres, for everyone who likes it a little longer, there is a version by the ruins of Montani/le Rovine di Castel Montani it offers a diversified and almost twelve kilometre run. The subsoil changes between gravel, forest soil and tarmac.

Length 7.4 km
Difficulty medium
Difference in height uphill 0 hm
Difference in height downhill 0 hm
Difference in height 843 m
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Mountain run San Martino
The mountain run from Laces to San Martino in Monte/St. Martin im Kofel is a traditional run and a long-time classic in the South Tyrol running scene. At this run, the participants manage an altitude of 1,100 m over a distance of 6.3 km.
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