Panoramic hike at Coldrano

General description

Short, promising round in a unique landscape and easy to deal with paths

From the northern part of the village Coldrano starts the panoramic route. First, it goes uphill and then at the right direction up to the gorge of the River Tiss. Now you cross a suspension bridge over the gorge and it goes beyond the typical steppe slopes of Val Venosta. At the junction of an uphill path you continue along the panoramic road, that changes direction now. Along the path there are some special cultural treasures.

Duration 2:00 h
Length 6.9 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 345 hm
Difference in height downhill 345 hm
Difference in height 663 m
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Plimaschlucht Experience – Experience the Force of Nature First Hand
Over centuries, the Plimaschlucht gorge at the foot of the Cevedale mountain in Val Martello has buried itself impressively into the rock. Today, the Plimaschlucht is a natural arena for all who are searching for a unique spectacle of nature. At the four stations which have been built in detail with much love – Kelle, Sichel, Kanzel and Hängebrücke, the trail through the Plimaschlucht gorge offers a highly spectacular canyon experience.
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