Irrigation channel path round (Neuwaal-Rautwaal- Mareinwaal))

General description

The relaxed circular trail leads hikers along the traditional Laces irrigation systems. It starts at Morter and heads from the Mareinwaal over the Neuwaal and the Rautwaal irrigation channel paths.

Route description

We start our tour behind the IceForum in Laces. From there, we take trail no. 5 and follow it along the irrigation channel path Neuwaal to the ‘Margrinböden’ picnic area. A short break there is a must, enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and the ruins of the Obermontani and Untermontani castles. Continue along the 5-path to Obermontani Castle, from where you follow the signs for the Waalrundweg trail (towards Val Martello) past the small fishing ponds. After a short descent, we cross the main road and enter in the irrigation channel path Rautwaal on the opposite side of the mountain. We enjoy the view of the St. Stephan chapel and the castles as we walk above the village of Morter until we reach the Wetterkreuz barbecue area, where we have a unique view of the Lower Venosta Valles. We then descend along the forest road to the village of Morter. We walk through the idyllic village along the main road briefly through the orchards, cross the Plima bridge there and follow trail no. 5 towards the Bierkeller. Passing the Bierkeller, we reach our starting point via the irrigation channel path Mareinwaal.

A highlight of this circular hike are the rock carvings of the "Waaler" people at Neuwaal.

Duration 2:48 h
Length 9.742 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 292 hm
Difference in height downhill 292 hm
Difference in height 864 m
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