Larch path

General description

Clear your mind and get your heart going during a hike through woods and meadows.

Route description

You start your fairytale hike at the Alta Val Martello car park. Cross unique larch forests and immerse yourself in a fairytale world. The solitude and tranquility will remove your stress and maybe you even get the chance to watch some wild animals. Pass by Lake Gioveretto reflecting the surrounding mountain chains and experience the larch path like a fairyland. The larch path is perfectly suited for a family hike to enjoy the panorama in the National Park. The panorama in the fairytale larch forest makes you quickly forget the hiking time of 2.5 hours.

Duration 2:33 h
Length 8.269 km
Difficulty easy
Difference in height uphill 387 hm
Difference in height downhill 387 hm
Difference in height 2189 m
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