Zufritt Peak

General description

From the Lake Gioveretto up to the Grün- and Gelbsee Lake until the Gioveretto Peak with its wondreful view.

Route description

Drive through Val Martello until you reach the parking area at the Lake Gioveretto (Gasthof zum See). Follow trail no.17 out of the valley. Then, briefly hike up and cross two bridges over the Zufrittbach River. Continuing up to the tree line hike up to Gelbsee Lake (2.729m; about 3 hours) the Grünsee Lake is located behind a moraine. Next follow the clearly marked trail over boulders: the hike is at first moderate, then gets steeper, curving through a huge cirque to a short, steep ridge, which is not too difficult to cross with fixed ropes. Then, climb the serpentine trail over boulders, up to the narrow but steep glacier and cross over its upper, split-free part over to the foot of the peak flank (if very icy, crampons are needed), the ice can also be bypassed by the rocks above it. From there, follow the signs, climbing first over easy rocks and finally up a very steep cliff with a steel cable up to the summit (3.438m; about 2 hours from Gelbsee Lake).
Descent: Return using the same trail.

Duration 4:54 h
Length 7.662 km
Difficulty difficult
Difference in height uphill 1583 hm
Difference in height downhill 13 hm
Difference in height 3427 m
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