E-bike tour to the Malga di Morter mountain hut

Demanding tour of 7.8 km and 950 meters in altitude to the quiet and beautifully set Malga di Morter mountain hut.

After this exhausting tour to the Malga di Morter mountain hut you really deserve a good hearty snack. The demanding gradient on asphalt road and then on a partially loose, steeper gravel path demands quite a bit from bikers. If you are an experienced e-mountain biker, you will do easier. Start at the Trattla sports and leisure center and turn right just before Burgaunerhof (1100 m) towards the beautifully set Malga di Morter mountain hut (1900 m). From the end of the asphalt road, you always go uphill along the rushing Brandnerbach stream through the narrow, incised valley below Orecchia di Lepre (3257 m) and Cima Zwölferkreuz (2512 m). You will be surprised at your arrival: You wouldn’t have expected this small, green and peaceful high plateau with the mountain hut situated on the hill and its many homemade specialties. Enjoy a hearty snack and have a nap in the lush grass to prepare yourself for the demanding descent on partially loose gravel that requires concentration. Having arrived at the valley floor, you can look forward to the delicacies of the strawberry valley such as strawberry cake, strawberry jam and a good coffee.
Tip: If you still have enough energy for a hike, you can climb up on path no. 14 to Cima Zwölferkreuz.
Length 7.8 km
Difference in height uphill 1170 hm
Difference in height downhill 1170 hm
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