The Val Venosta apricot has made a name for itself far beyond the confines of the valley. Cultivation of the famous ‘mountain apricot’, with its trademark yellow-orange colour, is at its zenith in Val Venosta where it acquires a truly subliminal flavour. In Laces and Val Martello, this traditional fruit grows at altitudes of over 1,000 m, which has fluctuating temperatures and a low incidence of rainfall. It is thanks to these special conditions that the Val Venosta apricot takes on its characteristic full and sweet flavour, mild acidity and characteristic colour, with a soft and juicy texture.

Real Val Venosta apricots do ripen slowly but should be consumed soon after harvesting, as they are not ideal for long storage, but best eaten freshly harvested. For a long time, the people of Val Venosta have been making an exquisite marmalade out of the apricots in order to prolong the enjoyment of this fruit. Every year the "marble village" of Lasa celebrates the event "Marmor und Marillen" (marble and apricots).

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