The Stelvio National Park is the largest protected area in Italy and the second-largest nature reserve in size in the Alpine region. With its characteristic glaciers and rocky outcrops, 40% of the surface area of the park is located in South Tyrol, enclosing the entire Ortler Mountain Group within its boundaries together with some of the highest peaks in the region.

Besides Laces and Val Martello, there are eight other municipal districts falling under the jurisdiction of the Stelvio National Park in South Tyrol, including Prato, Silandro and Ultimo, spaced around the highest mountain in the region. The Ortler rises to 3,905 m and is the highest point in the Stelvio National Park.

Five National Park Visitor Centers are dedicated to the geological, ecological and cultural aspects of this nature reserve which extends to around 1,350 km2. They illustrate the glaciers, but also the fauna and flora as well as the climate in the National Park.

The head office of the Stelvio National Park administration is located in Glorenza. There are also four more national park houses in Val Venosta, which focus on specific aspects of this sensitive local ecosystem: naturatrafoi, aquaprad, culturamartell, and avimundus in Silandro.