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Cableways and Chairlifts

Lifts to the Monte Sole and Monte Tramontana Mountains

Reaching the Laces-Martello hiking area by cableway and chairlift

The lift transport systems are part of one of the high mountain valleys; i.e. Venosta Valley. The ski lifts, chair lifts and cableways on the ridges of the Sonnenberg and Monte Tramontana permit visitors to rapidly arrive at the hiking areas and nature reserves located on the high plateaus, without having to utilize personal transport up the winding and often narrow roads.

The cableway to San Martino in Monte and the chairlift to the Tarres Alpine pasture permit hikers to reach the hiking trails in matter of minutes.

Opening hours, prices and other information www.bergbahnen-latsch.com.
  • tv-hp-15-gletscher

    Glacier tour

    The Glacier Trail begins at the parking area near the Enzianhütte at the end of the Martelltal. It is divided into 9 sections and can cope in a circular route of about 10 kilometers and an overcoming of 600 meters. The hike is divided into stages ...
  • tv-hp-15-hoehenweg

    S. Martino-Silandro high mountain trail

    The Venosta Valley High Mountain Trail leads from S. Martino near Laces to Schlandersberg Castle and over the Iswall towards Corces in Silandro. Young and old connoisseurs recommend a stop at Schlandersberg Castle where you should take a breather at ...
  • eldorado-268

    Annenberg Castle Tour Uphill

    This challenging uphill trip to S. Martino in Monte runs from Laces over some loose cobble and up some steep paths and involve some areas where the bike must be pushed. The maximum gradient is 24% and therefore this trail is only recommended for ...
  • ba-hp-tv-bw-pano-stallwies

    Enjoy the famous snowy mountain landscape of the Val Martello. The tour starts at the Hotel Waldheim in the Val Martello/Martello Valley and goes over the bridge of the Plima. Continue along the path no. 5 through the wood untill the "Löcherhof", ...
  • tv-hp-15-jaegersteig


    The idyllic and modestly ascending Jägersteig with a length of 4.1 km is ideal for hikers and families. It is especially recommended during the summertime.
  • bike-latsch-183


    Along this short trail mountain bikers must conquer an altitude of 210 m over a distance of 1.1 km, and the trail is therefore suitable for both beginners and those making a comeback. Along the way, bikers can enjoy a wonderful view of Annenberg ...
  • ls-biken-latsch-vinschgau

    Sonnenberg / Montesole Trail

    The most beautiful trail in the Alps – this is how Bike Magazine described the Montesole Trail in Val Venosta. The trail can be traversed almost year-round, and leads along the unique landscape of Mt. Montesole in Val Venosta. This outstanding route ...
  • tv-hp-15-wasser

    Along the old irrigation channel system

    The relaxed circular trail leads hikers along the traditional Laces irrigation systems. It starts at Morter and heads from the Mareinwaal over the Neuwaal and the Rautwaal irrigation channel paths.
  • tv-hp-15-schlossannenberg

    Ratschill tour

    The Ratschill tour begins right at the S. Martino valley station and heads through the meadows of the Annenberg plain towards the picturesque Oberratschill farm, before continuing up the Lottersteig towards Coldrano. An early start is recommended ...
  • tv-hp-15-latschanderwaal

    Latschander irrigation channel trail

    The zigzag shaped Latschander irrigation channel path in between Laces and Castelbello was created in 1872/1873 and provides an ideal walk for the whole family. Those who wish to stroll along the entire irrigation channel trail should allow ...
  • tv-hp-15-kunst-kultur

    Tour- art and culture

    Along the relatively tame, short and easily negotiable tour to the east of Tarres you will find a series of cultural and historic hikers who will accompany you out of the goodness of their own hearts. So the path heads off towards the ...
  • vin-s15-024-r2a8475-8

    Lake Tarres Round

    Start at the valley station of the chair lift malga Tarres alp, walking on the somewhat steep path no. 1 up to the beautiful lake Tarres and the quaint malga Tarres. You can also use the 2-seater chairlift and from there on the road no. 9 until lake ...
  • tv-hp-15-raminimontani

    Tour Ramini Montani

    The hugely varied and diverse Ramini-Montani tour from Tarres to Morter takes hikers across the Raminiwaal irrigation channel path and up the Jägersteig past the Montani castle ruins and then back again. The route can be shortened or extended ...
  • tv-hp-15-dolomitenblickgross

    Short Dolomites tour

    The short Dolomite tour is an easy mountain hike up to the Laces Monte Sole mountain. The hike from S. Martino in Monte leads to the foot of the Vermoi peak which provides a sensational viewpoint overlooking the Dolomites before heading back to the ...
  • eldorado-244

    Connection betwenn Tarres and Laces Alpine pasture

    With a length of 2.4 km and a course which takes half an hour to complete, the bike trail to the Tarres pasture may be short, but it sure does demand a lot from its bikers. The trail is a great way for connecting with other trails.
  • tv-hp-15-dolomitenblickgross

    Long Dolomites tour

    The medium to long and promising mountain hike on the Laces Monte Sole mountain leads from S.. Martino in Monte, and continues for a length of 7.5 km before turning back towards the starting point. The highlight of the trail is the unique panorama ...
  • ba-hp-tv-bw-skitour-koelkuppe-2-berglouter

    Cima Marmotta - Val Martello

    It starts on the highly visible way to rifugio Nino Corsi. After the hut to the left to a valley floor of the Plima stream, there are still remnants of the old dam. It goes stilll rather flat on to the west and then up a steep slope up to the ...
  • 4-gewinnt-13

    4 wins 13

    This trail combines the 4th trail with the 13th trail. Along the way mountain bikers must overcome a difference in altitude of 1,052 and an average gradient of 15 %. At the end, the athletes will be rewarded with a fantastic panorama of the ...
  • tv-hp-15-themenweg4

    Mountain Farmer Trail

    The route passes through the varied natural and cultural landscape of the district forest mountain and numerous quaint courtyards. You gain an insight into life at the mountain forest then and now. Historical, natural history and traditional ...
  • tv-hp-15-vermoi

    Vermoi peak

    This rewarding peak tour across the Monte Sole mountain requires approximately 6 hours walking time for you to reach the Vermoi peak, which stands at 2,930 m. This demands a huge amount of fitness from the hikers, however in the end they are ...
  • ba-hp-tv-bw-pano-winterlandschaft-2-fleischmann-laura

    Mountain Farmer Trail

    The trail passes through the varied natural and cultural landscape of the district forest mountain and numerous quaint courtyards. Even in winter, this trail is a great winter tour. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet in the beautiful winter ...
  • tv-hp-15-broatgraschgl

    Broatraschgl tour

    The Broatraschgl trail above Morter is a unique forest trail which provides a viewpoint over Broatraschgl by the entrance to Martello Valley. The trail passes alternately over narrow paths and wide forest roads before heading back to Morter.
  • egghof

    San Martino Egg-Forra

    The S. Martino Egg-Forra trail is also recommended for less experienced hikers. With a length of 11 km, and with some of its roads inhabited, you will pass by some abandoned hamlets which are synonymous with the extreme settlements in the Venosta ...
  • tv-hp-15-klumper

    Klumper tour

    The Klumper tour is a varied and extremely sunny semi-circular trail in between Laces and Castelbello. Above all the path is rich in culture, history and archaeology, and is recommended for interested hikers.
  • tv-hp-15-annenbergerboeden

    Annenberger Böden

    The Annenberger Böden tour is ideal during spring, and also in the autumn and winter. Although the 6 km long tour requires plenty of stamina, you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view once you have arrived on the plateau.
  • ba-hp-tv-bw-pano-lyfialm-2-kathrin-eberhoefer

    To the Malga Lyfi at the Val Martello

    A walk in the snow-covered winter landscape of the Val Martellol, within the National Park allo Stelvio. At parking area at the end of the valley the path leads up to the Peder valley the way no. 20, direction Malga Lyfi. A forest trail will take ...
  • bike-latsch-147


    The Roatbrunn trail is one of the most popular trails in the biking paradise of Laces-Val Martello. Bikers must overcome an altitude of 1,052 metres over 9 km. The initial flowing trail head towards the end with a series of demanding passages.
  • tv-hp-15-tschilli


    It is on this flowing trail, where bikers must overcome a length of 7.8 km, and an altitude of 1,045 m along with numerous root shaped passages and cropped S1 sites. It is recommended that you stop by the Ratschillhof, after which the trail is named.
  • tv-hp-15-montani


    The 9km Montani tour is accessible all year round and because of its low levels of altitude, it can be recommended even for inexperienced hikers. The path leads past the Obermontani castle and the Untermontani ruins.
  • tv-hp-15-themenweg2

    Starwberry Trail

    The Strawberry Lane at the Val Martello shows travelers at several stations such as the quality berries are produced , takes you past strawberry fields and producing farms. Not for nothing the Val Martello is called the berry valley. The strawberry ...
  • vin-s15-108-mg-8199-8

    Tarres Alpine pasture-Trail

    The Tarres Alpine pasture trail is reserved for passionate mountain bikers and takes 4-5 hours to complete a course of 8.3 km. It ranges from steep and rather technical passages to resilient forest grounds: there is something for everyone along the ...
  • bike-tour-marzoner-alm-2

    Montefranco Alpine pasture

    This tour is one of the classics trails you can find around Laces. Along the trail you must overcome an altitude of 904 m over a distance of 8.4 km. At the end, the bikers are rewarded with a breath-taking view of Naturno and the entire Merano basin.
  • ba-hp-tv-bw-pano-lyfialm-1

    Malga Lyfi - winter hike

    Easy family ramble in the beautiful winter forest in Val Martello. From the parking lotat the end of the valley a short distance back up the road to the left branch, where a short climb leads to the Malga Genziana. From here on the forest road, ...
  • ba-hp-tv-bw-skitour-hoher-dieb-1-berglouter

    Gran Ladro

    A particularly rewarding ski tour with a fascinating summit landscape and a great winter panorama of the Vinschgau Valley/Val Venosta. Starting point is the valley station of the chairlift Malga Tarres/Tarres Alp (1151 m). From the valley station a ...
  • tv-hp-15-st-martin-rossboeden

    San Martino in Monte Rossböden

    Along the 4.5 km long trail from S. Martino to Rossböden, the hikers are able to enjoy a breath taking view of the glacier giants of the Ortles-Cevedale massif along with some views over the entire Venosta Valley.
  • ba-hp-tv-bw-pano-alte-staumauer

    A pleasant snowshoe hike with interesting prospects. From the car park at the end of the valley the trail no. 150 leads to a plateau of the old dam. The trail no. 31 takes you to a fork and to the road no. 40 up to the panoramicpath no. 12. The way ...
  • tv-hp-15-laerchenweg-zufrittsee-rainergoryniak


    Hiking through the larch forests you are abduct in a fairy tale world, the rest and solitude will help tobanish the stress and maybe you can even see some wildlife animals. The Lärchenweg is a great hike to enjoy the panorama in the national park. ...
  • kreuzj-chl-charly-5

    Morterer Leger-Tour

    The shadow ridden tour with a connection to the Halshof farm and the legendary Holy Hansen Trail in Silandro, is where the bikers must overcome a maximum gradient of 20% and will be rewarded at their destination with a fabulous view over the ...
  • ba-hp-tv-bw-skitour-laaserspitze-1-berglouter

    Punta di Lasa

    The Martello Valley is one of the most beautiful skitour areas in South Tyrol and from here starts the tour on the Punta di Lasa. From Stallwies  at the right side of the stream along the summer path through the forest, after forest clearing ...
  • tv-hp-15-st-martinbike

    San Martino in Monte - Uphill

    The S. Martino in Monte tour is considered a classic for bikers and racers. With a length of 15.5 km, the demanding tour lovers of this sport head off to one of the most beautiful vantage points throughout the entire Venosta Valley region.
  • dsc-0039

    Laces Alpine pasture Tour

    The Laces Alpine pasture tour is one of the classic bike routes around Monte Tramontana mountain. The challenging tour covers 14.1 km and rises to an altitude of 1,112 m. At the end, the mountain bikers will be rewarded with a fantastic panoramic ...
  • ba-hp-tv-bw-schneeschuhwandern-1

    Snowshoe hiking at the Monte Tramontana mountain

    Starting point of this snowshoe hike is the valley station of the chairlift Malga Tarres. From there, the west and at the fork follow the path number 1. After some time in the middle of the fairytale always up to the mountain station Malga Tarres ...
  • tv-hp-15-zirbenweg


    The national park in the Val Martello is not only rich in larch stands, but also swiss pine trees are common. This particular hike is located on the sunny side of the valley, and if you're lucky, you can see the normal very shy chamois while ...
  • tv-hp-15-kreuzweg

    Kreuzweg trail

    The entertaining Kreuzweg trail takes hikers who are interested in culture along the fascinating Kreuzweg which both starts and finishes in S. Martino in Monte. Because there are a number of steep passages, the trail should only really be tackled in ...
  • bike-latsch-102

    Monte di San Annen-easy-Trail

    The simple trail S1 is the ideal trail for beginners and for those making a comeback. The route runs through broad, partially loose gravel paths located alongside Annenberg Castle before heading back to Laces.
  • eldorado-170

    Laces panoramic trail

    The 14.1 km long Laces panoramic trail runs from S. Martino in Monte to Vezzano and allows mountain bikers to enjoy a fabulous panoramic view of the surrounding peaks. Its technical sections also demand a great deal from experienced campaigners. ...
  • tv-hp-15-almenrunde

    Alpine pastures tour

    It is best to take the challenging 20.5 km long tour of the Laces and Tarres Alpine pastures between early June and early October. On the tour, hikers have to overcome 1,240 m in altitude, and it is a perfect base for fitness training.
  • tv-hp-15-trailzauber

    Magic Trail at Laces

    The hilly, technical Laces Magic Trail is the ideal trail for bikers who possess advanced driving skills. The transition between cycle paths and easy downhill sections requires people who are safe in the saddle.
  • tv-hp-15-ritterrunde

    Knight round

    The 12 km long knight tour passes by as many as seven castles, ruins and residences. The cultural exploration trail is also suitable for inexperienced hikers and, is also suitable for those with buggy if you miss out the beer cellar/Plima bridge ...
  • tv-hp-15-tarschertour

    Tarres Alpine pasture tour

    This challenging tour around the Alpine pasture of Tarres is only recommended for advanced mountain bikers. Along the 9.5 km-long tour, passionate bikers have to overcome some challenging climbs, however the road rewards you with views of the ...
  • ba-hp-tv-bw-pano-winterlandschaft-1-fleischmann-laura

    Starwberry Trail

    The Strawberry Lane at the Val Martello shows travelers at several stations such as the quality berries are produced , takes you past strawberry fields and producing farms. Not for nothing the Val Martello is called the berry valley. Even in winter, ...
  • tv-hp-15-panoramaweg

    Panorama Tour

    The short and auspicious circular trail is also known under the name of the "Stuanmandlweg". Its unique landscape allows people to walk easily to Coldrano along its conquered paths, before heading across the Annenberg plains and then back towards ...
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