Excursion to the Malga di Lacinigo and Malga di Montefranco

General description

Excursion to the pastures for the whole family at the Montetrumes near Castelbello

Route description

Starting point is  the "old sawmill" parking. Follow path no. 3A to Malga di Montefranco that you will reach after some 30 minutes. Continue on the "mountain hut path" until the hunters' hut. Keep right and continue until you reach the beautifully situated Malga di Lacinigo. Take the same path back until shortly before the hunters'hut and follow the "mountain hut path" until Malga di Marzon. Return to your starting point at the "old sawmill" parking on the forest road no. 7.

Description to arrive at destination

Castelbello center, right uphill to Montefranco. After the last farms a small road (no pavement) bring you to the to the parking lot " old sawmill".


 "old sawmill" parking

Duration 2:32 h
Length 7.6 km
Difficulty medium
Difference in height uphill 511 hm
Difference in height downhill 511 hm
Difference in height 1934 m
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