Castelbello/Kastelbell, at the bottom of Kastelbell Castle, is known for its extensive gastronomic offer, from the 4-star restaurant to the distinguished wine tavern. But it is also known for high quality products such as the Castelbello asparagus together with matching white wines.

The asparagus cultivation in the narrow valley comprises only around 3 ha, but then the harvest of high-quality asparagus lasts from mid-April to early June. Here, the asparagus matures a little later than in the plain and so remains consistent and keeps its intense flavor. The fresh asparagus is delivered and processed in the hotels, guest farms and shops of Castelbello on the day of the harvest, since freshness is one of the most important aspects of this vegetable.

From mid-April to early May, the Castelbello Asparagus Festival takes place in the holiday region of Castelbello-Ciardes where there are many guest farms, wine growers and merchants.