Tyrol’s brotherhood with Sacred Heart is a political event: in 1796, the Tyroleans were threatened by Napoleon’s troupes and enlightened ideas and were fleeing into religion, by forging a (unilateral) alliance with the Heart of Jesus; during the 19th century, the Sacred Heart cult provided a bond between the Monarchy and the Church, and also after 1945, in particular in South Tyrol, a patriotic confession. The „Sonnwendfeuer “(midsummer and midwinter festivals) and sun worship are archaic, however, they were cleverly Christianized and transformed into Tyrolean custom.

Mountain fires ignite on the Sacred Heart Sunday, the second Sunday after the Feast of Corpus Christi in June –, challenging the young people: the highest fireplaces at the most jagged walls and the steepest mountains are the pride of the village youth, this sporting competition makes this tradition popular. In Castelbello/Kastelbell, since the days of Andreas Hofer, this custom is accompanied by a Sacred-Heart procession in Castelbello and concerts by the bands of Ciardes/Tschars and Castelbello.